Traditional Usui Reiki Services

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Reiki Sessions

Traditional Usui Reiki Training

Traditional Usui Reiki Training

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30-minute Reiki Session  -  $35 

A  30-minute session is perfect for those who are new to Reiki, for busy  adults who might not have a full hour to spare, or for children who are  interested in experiencing Reiki. (Children under 18 years of age must  be accompanied by an adult.) Please allow additional time for a brief  discussion before and/or after the session.

$5.00 off when booked online

60-minute Reiki Session  -  $65
​Enjoy 60 full minutes of relaxation and restorative Reiki energy to  support your body's natural healing processes. Please allow additional time for a brief  discussion before and/or after the session.
$5.00 off when booked online

Distance Reiki
30  and 60-minute Reiki sessions can be conducted from a distance. The recipient and practitioner schedule a convenient time for the session. First, they have a brief telephone or Skype discussion, after which Reiki is sent. The recipient should relax in a quiet, comfortable environment throughout the Reiki session to get the most  benefits. 

Contact me for distance Reiki.

Traditional Usui Reiki Training

Traditional Usui Reiki Training

Traditional Usui Reiki Training

Reiki Principles
Just for today
I will not be angry
I will not worry
I will be grateful

Usui Reiki classes are available on the second Saturday of each month. (Except holiday weekends.) These alternate between Level I, Level II, & Master Teacher Level. Courses last 6-7 hours. Please see Classes/Events under Book Online to register. Registration closes two days before the class and space is limited. 

*Private courses can be arranged upon request by booking under services.

**When booking online, clients will be asked to pay a deposit. Later, an email will be sent with more information.

Traditional Usui Reiki Level I  -  $175

This  course includes an introduction to Reiki, discussions on the history  and uses of Reiki, a Reiki Level I attunement, and practice using this  amazing technique. After completing the course, students will be able to  use Reiki for self-care as well as sharing Reiki with others. 

*$25.00 deposit required.

Traditional Usui Reiki Level II  -  $250
Reiki  Level II builds on the knowledge gained in Level I. In this course,  students learn three of the Reiki symbols which refine intention,  strengthen the amount of Reiki energy accessible, and allow  practitioners to send Reiki over time and distance.  

*$25.00 deposit required.

Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher Training  -  $750
Reiki  Master Teacher training builds on the knowledge gained in the other two levels. This course includes instruction in three additional Reiki symbols, the process for giving Reiki attunements, and building your own Reiki business (if applicable). 

*$50.00 deposit required. 

*Students who did not do their initial training with me, but who wish to complete higher level classes should provide certificates to document earlier Usui Reiki courses.

 **Please let me know if you need to cancel. Without 24 hours' notice, the deposit is forfeited.

What is Reiki?

"Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”)  is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also  promotes healing. Reiki energy is shared through a series of hand  positions above, or lightly touching, the body and can easily be learned  by anyone. Reiki can shift the body from fight or flight mode into a  restorative state that provides stress reduction, pain relief, and  improved peace of mind."


Penelope Quest
Reiki for Life: The  Complete Guide to Reiki Practice

Client Testimonials

I had a series of Reiki treatments with Laureen and was amazed at the results.  Initially seeking help for sleep and stress reduction, I found that the treatments had multiple other benefits besides.  Weekly sessions were deeply relaxing, a feeling that extended well beyond the treatment itself, and improved my sleep patterns and stress.  An added bonus was that the treatments also addressed a number of other complaints, including a sore back and a skin rash.  I would recommend Fair Winds Reiki to anyone seeking a relaxing and therapeutic alternative treatment style.

-Andy B.

I absolutely recommend having a Reiki session with Laureen! My mind felt refreshed and awake, and I got better at understanding myself and how I can improve my overall quality of life while lowering my stress levels.

Laureen explained everything that I felt during the session (I felt warmth, sometimes very intensely, almost heat) and right before our session, Laureen took the time to tell me about Reiki practice in general, what other people felt, how it works, and what I should expect.

Laureen is a very caring and attentive person, so you will be very comfortable with her, whether it's your first time and you want to get a taste of what Reiki is, or if you are a long time Reiki practitioner.

- Olga V.