Meet Laureen

Laureen Jordan

Laureen Jordan, RMT

As a child, I ran free on our land overlooking the Susan River in California. Early on, I realized that I experienced things differently than many of the people around me. Art provided me a space to find solace, dream, and express myself. It was here that I began learning about mindfulness, immersing myself into the process of making art. I quickly took to any medium that I explored, but my favorites were colored pencil, pen & ink, and watercolor. Later, as a college student, I focused on digital media in the fine art department of the University of Nevada, Reno.

During the last year of my bachelor’s degree, I was able to see the work of the Renaissance masters with my own eyes while studying abroad in Italy. I fell in love with travel and began teaching ESL to see more of the world. Since returning to the states and establishing Fair Winds Reiki & Mindfulness, I have been thrilled to return to my artistic roots, this time utilizing polymer clay, alcohol inks, resin, Turkish Ebru (or marbling), and Sumi-style painting. Through these media, I focus on themes such as Reiki, angels, and sacred geometry. I seek to use my artistic knowledge and talent to explore mindfulness through art while creating reminders to embrace mindfulness, gratitude, and beauty each day.

As an ESL instructor, I have worked for universities at home and abroad as well as working on cruise ships for a time. As a result, I have lived in three foreign countries and visited over 30 more. My experiences traveling and working with students from all over the world has taught me to suspend judgement and open my heart and mind to other cultures and perspectives. Upon returning home, it was this openness and natural curiosity that led me to Reiki.

Reiki Master
My Reiki journey began as an opportunity to experience a unique healing system steeped in culture, but it quickly turned into a life-changing practice. I had to face many fears in order to open my intuition and mind to the possibility of Reiki. Once I started my self-care, my life began to transform. Practicing at bedtime resolved insomnia issues that I had been dealing with for years. I now had tools to ease symptoms of depression that I sometimes faced, and I found that I didn’t respond as quickly or strongly to life’s stressors. Instead, I chose how I reacted rather than lashing out based on habit or subconscious fears. My family noticed a difference in me, and I soon had the opportunity to share Reiki with those that I hold dear and to see their lives transform as well. Somewhere along the way, I wondered why I hadn’t heard of Reiki before. (The truth is that I had, but I just wasn’t ready for it.) I resolved to introduce others to this amazing practice, and Fair Winds Reiki & Mindfulness was born. 

From early poetry and creative writing as a high school student, to choosing a minor in journalism in college, words have always intrigued me. Reading has always been an escape for me, and the lines that I read touch me deeply. I have been truly blessed with so many unique experiences that I never could have dreamed of, and some of those stories beg to be written. I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a memoir based on my relationship with a Syrian-Kurdish refugee while living and teaching in Istanbul. That will be followed by another based on my experiences growing up as an empath. I am also planning a series of articles on conscious travel in Nevada and Northern California (to begin with!). You will find more information on these projects here on my website as they become available. You can catch a glimpse of my writing style in my blog. (I am currently in the process of migrating my blog from Wordpress to my own website.)

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me. I hope I will get the chance to get to know you as well! Reiki blessings!